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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Miss Universe 2012 might be Cancelled

(RCN is one of the biggest TV stations in Colombia, which airs the Miss Colombia Universe competition) written by Alex Aldana, talks about the inminent cancellation of the Miss Universe 2012 competition. Months ago, national organizers were informed that the competition was being moved to December. But according to the article, it is not a certainty anymore.

Miss Universe 2012 in Danger of Cancellation

Rumors about the possible cancellation of the beauty pageant with the most beautiful women have been taking strength during these past days. Alfredo Barraza, one of the country’s most renowned designers, said that the beauty competition is “stalled”.

He added that the celebration of Miss Universe is a “maybe”, since the lack of a host city, and a date in a high season would raise considerably the costs of the event, which is why the Trump organization could be considering in holding the pageant next year.

“Countries that had already chosen their beauty queens sent them to the Miss World competition instead, due to the lack of confirmation on the Miss Universe pageant’s date. I have been confirmed that the event, due to the planned date, could raise the costs of production. And if it takes place indeed in December, the winner would only reign for five months, because there are already plans of holding the 2013 edition in May”, said Barraza.

He also mentions that possible host cities do not have the infrastructure to welcome the pageant in December. “Las Vegas, for example, is completely full. Other cities in consideration wouldn’t have the capacity to host so many people who travel to this pageant”.

On the other hand, Raimundo Angulo, president of the Concurso Nacional de Belleza (Srta. Colombia, whose winner competes in Miss Universe) said that he hopes he gets an answer from the Miss Universe Organization in less than ten days, confirming a date and a venue. But he also said that he is no longer sure that the contest will take place in December, as scheduled.

“During the next days they should be confirming the date and the host country. I don’t want to speculate about this situation. I wish the pageant would take place because it’s important to us. Our organization is eagerly waiting for this information. Meanwhile, Daniela Alvarez (reigning Miss Colombia) continues her preparation for the pageant as planned”.

If the Miss Universe competition takes place, Daniela Alvarez will represent Colombia, although a new Senorita Colombia will be chosen this November in Cartagena.

-Source Philippine TV Ratings

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