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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ms.World 2012 Live Streaming

Watch out for Philippines Pride Queenierich Rehman battle and compete with 100 most beautiful women in the world. Will she be the first Filipina Ms. World? .. 

Photo: # Will a Filipina finally bag the highly-coveted Miss World crown?

The Philippines’ Queneerich Rehman will seek to secure the crown in the only pageant that has yet to see a Filipina title-holder. 
Last month, Queneerich left for Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China to attend the pre-pageant activities. She competed in various fast track events, a tradition that evaluates how well rounded the candidates are. She proved to be a strong contender, having been shortlisted for Beach Fashion and Top Model events.

Queneerich also emerged as part of the Top Five candidates when it came to the Talent competition. There still remains the Multimedia Award, a new addition to the Miss World pageant. By LIKING her official Facebook Page, she will gain additional points in the Miss World scoreboard that will help her get a step closer to the crown. It's not too late to rally our support behind Queneerich, click and hit LIKE.

After a whirlwind of challenges, the so-called Olympics of Beauty is nearing its finale.

Will a Filipina finally bag the highly-coveted Miss World crown? Tune in to TV5 this Saturday evening to support Queneerich as she vies for one of the most prestigious titles in the beauty pageant world. Miss World 2012 will be shown exclusively on TV5 on August 18 right after Untold Stories.
Ms.World Philippines  2012 Queenierich Rehman

Who will succeed the reign of Ivian Sarcos? Who will be the next Miss World?

Who will Reign Supreme?
Watch it live here on August 18 at 7:30pm (Manila Time)


  1. I can see QR wearing the crown tomorrow :D ..

  2. Pag pumasok china cooking show ofc kaya gustong gusto nila jan ginaganap para makapasok palagi sa finals kahit di naman kagandahan at myaw myaw

  3. PHILIPPINES for the WIN! mark my words!!!!

  4. Nasa pangalan na ni Ms. Philippines QUEENierich REHMAN..the QUEEN of Miss World 2012!

  5. Lord,pls guide quenie to win the crown tonyt.ö

  6. Lets all Pray for her!!! Go Philippines!!! Go QR win the crown.. Bring home the Bacon!!!

  7. napaka boring parang history channel lang

  8. Ms Philippines didn't make it to the top 7 Finalists in Miss World 2012

  9. aheheheheh! wla na di pumasok


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