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Friday, July 13, 2012

How to Unwind During a Week off Work

Work pressure takes its toll on everybody, sooner or later.
And that is when we realise (or we need to realise) how badly we need that elusive break of a few days when we can take our minds completely off work. However, unwinding, upon getting a week off work, is not restricted to sitting at home, doing nothing. The whole idea behind unwinding is to do something that is so not your routine, something that is fresh, if not even adventurous. Take a look at how you can unwind during a week off work:

Forget that You are Even Employed

An off literally and proverbially means an off. Squeezing in time to complete your pending work defeats the whole purpose of taking an off. More often than not, that squeeze ends up eating away a large chunk of your day. While on a break, unwinding should feature on all the positions from 1 to 10, on your list of 10 things to do. Switch off your phone, and simply don’t look at your work mails. If there is an emergency, someone would call you.

Leave Sophistication Behind

Make a trip to some place that is untouched, pristine and visually enchanting. A hill station is the first thing that comes to mind (though they are not exactly untouched). Yet, there indeed are more options when it comes to visiting some place that modernity hasn’t distorted. Deserts with huge sand dunes, barren land and rapidly changing climate certainly offer you new experiences. Then there are some more popular destinations like beaches, around which you see a lot of man-made facades, but when it comes to that white sand being bathed down by those pristine waters, it’s as close to nature as you can get.

Other Means to Enjoy

Everyone is not inclined to go for a trip at every chance they get. Staying within yourhometown there could be a dozen things you could do. Now that you have time, why don’t you chase up your hobbies? Play some outdoor games. Go for aerobics. Take music or dancing classes. Alright, a week is most definitely not enough to learn dance or music, but who knows, you might learn enough to be the centre of attention at your office parties! A get-together with friends is always a welcoming change, as you rarely have time to catch up with them on usual work days.
Our routine life leaves us with a cluttered mind. Taking a vacation, or unwinding in any of the above-mentioned ways, is an excuse to free your mind and start afresh when you return from a break.
-Source MensXp.com

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