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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

iPhone 5 News Roundup

iPhone 5 release date, news and rumours
UPDATED New iPhone 5 news, specs, features and more

We’ve said it many times, but it bears repeating: new iPhone rumors are coming out daily. While we’re focused on bringing you all of these rumors plus full analysis on a daily basis, we understand that it may be a little tough to keep up with what’s going on in iPhone 5 world. As such, we’ve made the decision to make staying on top of the latest iPhone 5 news that much easier.
In this article you’ll find a summary of all of the latest iPhone rumors. We plan to update it frequently, as well as continue our daily news articles. Although this article is fairly long and detailed, you’ll find that reading it will keep you up to date on the absolute latest iPhone news.

iPhone 5 Release Date Information

Arguably this is the most asked question next to the specs of the device: just when will the iPhone 5 be coming out? And like most questions, the answer isn’t exactly set in stone at this point. We’ve been hearing differing opinions on the iPhone 5 release date for months now, as you’ll see in the next few paragraphs.
Way back in February 2012, we got our hands on reported World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2012 leaked images. These images were discovered by a source and given to us. We’re not going to get into the features that these images revealed (more on that later),  but the most important thing to mention about these images is that they show an apparent June 2012 release date for the iPhone 5, given Apple’s past preference to release the new iPhone shortly following WWDC.
Then a short time later, a Japanese blog reported that the new iPhone would be released in Fall 2012–likely September or October. They claimed that this was confirmed by a very reliable source. We’re still not entirely sure that this Japanese blog is credible; however, their opinion has been backed up by other sources.
In April/May 2012, we reported a lot on the potential iPhone 5 release date. Two analysts were quoted as saying that the next iPhone would come out in either September or October; two experts also mentioned a Fall release date.
However, there are still those who think a June 2012 release date as possible, based largely on what the WWDC 2012 logo may reveal as well as what some sources are reporting.
WWDC, however, came and went without a mention of the iPhone 5. Despite that, we did hear a lot about iOS 6, the likely operating system for the iPhone 5. It’s now looking like a September debut is most likely.
Our Verdict: The new iPhone release date will most likely be in September 2012.

iPhone 5 Features

This is yet another area in which we’ve heard a ton of rumors. We’ve heard a lot about the features that the next iPhone may–and may not–have. Although none of these features are 100% confirmed at this point (and let’s face it, they’re not going to be 100% confirmed until an official Apple spokesperson announces them or until the device is actually in our hands), most of them look likely to be included in theiPhone 5. Below you’ll find a round-up of all of the potential iPhone 5 features.

iPhone 5 Design

The iPhone 5 Design–sometimes referred to as the form factor–has been a hot button topic for many months now. We’ve heard many, many rumors about just what the new iPhone may look like in terms of shape and feel.
Back in January 2012, we first heard that the next iPhone would be getting aslimmer profile and that it would be a “monster upgrade,” according to analyst Gene Munster. The slimmer profile was said to be thanks to improvements in the size of the hardware.
Next came the infamous WWDC 2012 iPhone 5 leaked images which showed an iPhone that appeared to have a curved back. The design, as pictured below, appears to be a return to Apple’s previously curved iPhones and a huge departure from the rectangular design of the iPhone 4 and 4S.
New iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Leaked

In Late-April, we reported on the possibility of a Liquidmetal design. The design would mean that the iPhone 5 would sport a metal back, thus making it a little less fragile than the 4S’ glass back. While these rumors still aren’t confirmed, Apple does have a contract with Liquidmetal, so it’s looking likely that we’ll see a Liquidmetal iPhone in the near future.

iPhone 5 Liquid Metal Concept

Later on that same month, we were given information from a source that the next iPhone would have what is known as a Unibody design. The Unibody iPhone 5 would be one piece, which, again, would make the device a heckuva lot less fragile.
In May 2012, a report came out that the device would be coming with a flat back, which contradicts the WWDC images but does fall in line with a possible Liquidmetal or Unibody iPhone 5 design.
In June, we saw additional potentially leaked images of the iPhone 5. These show a slimmer, longer device.
The iPhone 5 has also been reported to receive a smaller dock connector. This is either a mini dock connector or may be a Thunderbolt port.
Our Verdict: The iPhone 5 is most likely to have a Liquidmetal design, given Apple’s existing agreement with Liquidmetal.

iPhone 5 4G LTE Possibility

With the iPad 3′s 4G LTE connectivity, it now looks more certain than ever before that the new iPhone will be the first 4G LTE iPhone. This isn’t too surprising as we’ve been hearing whispers of it dating back to December 2011. The rumors only intensified in February with those aforementioned leaked images showing a 4G LTE logo. Since then, the news about a 4G LTE iPhone has largely slowed down–save for the occasional analyst prediction or two–and that’s mostly because 4G LTE is a foregone conclusion at this point.
Our Verdict: If there’s one thing for certain, it’s that this will be the first 4G LTE iPhone. Bank on it.

iPhone 5 Display And Size

For years now, one thing about the iPhone has remained the same: its display size. We’ve been given the same 3.5″ inch display on every iPhone released to date. While many users are happy with this, many others have been calling for a bigger display. And there’s certainly been a lot of rumors about the iPhone 5 display size.
Those WWDC 2012 images showed what appears to be an iPhone with a 4″ inch or possibly larger display. Subsequent reports in March and April seemed to indicate the same thing, with some sources even going so far as saying that the iPhone 5 would have a massive 4.6″ inch Retina display.
Then came the rumors that the new iPhone would actually keep the same 3.5″ inch display. Those rumors have been few and far between as compared with the talk of a bigger display.
In April we were given information that the new iPhone would actually come in two varieties: one with a 3.5″ inch display and another with a 4″ inch or larger display, dubbed the iPhone XL. Around the same time, we were also told about a possibleiPhone Nano. Both ideas seem unlikely at this point, though who knows with Apple.
As far as the actual display of the iPhone 5 goes, we’ve heard tons on the subject. We’ve heard about a possible Gorilla Glass display, potential 16 x 9 display aspect ratio, and perhaps even an Edge-to-Edge display design. Recently, we even heard that the new iPhone would have an unbreakable display.
The idea of a bendable display, however, is not likely at this point.
Our Verdict: A 4″ inch iPhone is to be expected at this point; we feel that the display may either be Gorilla Glass or some sort of similar material.

iPhone 5 NFC Possibility

The idea of being able to use your smart phone has always been an intriguing idea–and it’s certainly been one that Apple has been thinking about implementing into the iPhone for quite some time.
The rumor of Near Field Communications (NFC) technology being implemented into the iPhone 5 started way back in February with a report. It was then given more credibility thanks to a patent filed by Apple. Yet another patent, this one released inApril, also appeared to show NFC in action on the next iPhone.
iPhone 5 NFC

In June, the NFC rumor again showed up in the press with a possible integration into the iOS 6 app Passbook.
Our Verdict: We’d say an NFC iPhone 5 looks very, very likely at this point. Almost as likely as 4G LTE.

iPhone 5 Camera

Believe it or not, one iPhone 5 spec that we haven’t heard a lot of information about is the camera for the device. That’s somewhat surprising as with previous iPhones, this has been one of the biggest topics for rumors.
We have heard a few things about the new iPhone’s camera. It’s been rumored to have a 3D camera, which we personally don’t see happening. It’s also been said to possibly be getting a Sony CMOS image sensor, which would improve the camera’s ability to take photos in dark lighting.
And there have been, of course, the talk of the iPhone 5 coming with a higher megapixel camera. It’s possible that the camera may upgrade may be anywhere from 10MP-14MP.iPhone 5 Camera

In June we even heard that the iPhone 5 camera may come with changeable lenses; however, this is far from confirmed at this point.
Our Verdict: The iPhone 5 will have a higher megapixel camera that is capable of taking even better quality shots than the iPhone 4S. Removable lenses possible.

Waterproof iPhone 5?

Here’s a feature we’ve all been hoping for and still may potentially happen. Way back in early February we were told about a possible partnership formed between waterproofing technology experts Liquipel and Apple. It was said that a new waterproof iPhone 5 was set to be created through the partnership. We haven’t heard much since then, however.
iPhone Liquipel
Our Verdict: A waterproof new iPhone is still possible; however, we think it might just be delayed til the iPhone 6.

iPhone 5 Cost

There actually haven’t been many rumors on this subject; just speculation from many sources (including us). As far as we can tell, the iPhone 5′s cost will remain unchanged for the regular 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models. However, we think Apple may consider a price hike depending on if the waterproofing technology actually makes it to the device and if multiple sizes of the iPhone 5 are released (with the smaller ones obviously being cheaper and the bigger display ones being more expensive).
Our Verdict: The cost of the new iPhone should be the same as it always is–$199 to $399 with contract and $549-$799 without contract.

Our Verdict: Summary of Expected iPhone 5 Features

Based on sources and our own in depth analysis, we anticipate that the new iPhone will have the following features:
  • iPhone 5 Release Date: September 2012
  • iPhone 5 Design will feature a Liquidmetal flat back and smaller dock connector
  • The new iPhone will have 4G LTE connectivity and will be available on Sprint, AT&T and Verizon, with T-Mobile remaining a possible carrier
  • The next iPhone will feature a 4″ inch or bigger Gorilla glass display
  • iPhone 5 likely to come with NFC Technology built-in
  • The camera will likely be 10MP or higher with a possible CMOS sensor provided by Sony
  • The next iPhone may come with Liquipel waterproofing
  • The cost of the iPhone 5 will most likely be the same as earlier iPhones
So what do you think of the possible iPhone 5 features we’ve outlined here? Any not mentioned here that you’re hoping make it into the new iPhone? Leave us a comment below and make your opinion heard.

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