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Friday, October 26, 2012

I Clique with Sulit

Sulit Clique: Sulit.com.ph Bloggers Event

Last Wednesday October 24, 2012 Sulit.com.ph held its first ever bloggers event in Spicy Finger at Greenbelt 2 Makati.

The event was attended by 15 different bloggers who joined the bloggers hunt;

Iris Camille Mejia : www.Pinayads.com
Alvin Chua : www.cheftonio.com
Kc Canlas : www.spreadsomeawesome.com
Mino Giacomo Marimat : www.minomarimat.blogspot.com
Mark Chino Pantua : www.juanderfulpinoy.com
Kristen Joy Silag : www.whereinmanila.com
Jeffrey Sy : www.boy-kuripot.com
Cha Sy : www.travel-on-a-shoe-string.blogspot.com
Eduard : www.eduarreformina.com
Christian Melanie Sy : www.eccentricyethappy.com
JM Cruz : www.imbamanila.com
Gen Garcia : www.glamgen22.blogspot.com
Maui Flores : www.the24hourmommy.com
Francis Mirador : www.thegabblemouth,blogspot.com

The purpose of the event is to build strong relationship with bloggers and introduced what sulit.com.ph is all about.

Ms. MeAnne Bundalian- Marketing Supervisor of sulit.com.ph said;

"The company has an aggressive campaign and we have established our marketing campaign through online, radio and television and i think we are missing a big part of this marketing mixed because it is very influential in the internet industry here in the Philippines, i am referring to the bloggers.

Sulit Clique is actually our first event exclusively for bloggers.

Sulit Clique you would always see in our future communication with you. We aim to have exclusive network of bloggers that we could port our will. This is our way of knowing you more and look for you guys to know sulit.com.ph better."

Here are some photo taken during the event.

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