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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Americas Next Top Model Episode 6 Video

We're down to the Top 8 girls on America's Next Top Model: College Edition, and as the numbers dwindle, the drama ramps up. Nastasia, winner of the most recent Best Photo knows that after front-runner Leila was eliminated from the competition, anyone could leave the show at any time. Except not tonight. Tonight, she's staying in the Tyra Suite, and she's taking Kiara with her. It's the obvious choice, and the girls are excited to explore all the new things in their room.

Leila's departure from the show is definitely having an effect on the remaining girls, as they all understand that she was a major contender, and low scores sent her home. Brittany's nerves are rattled after being in the bottom two at the previous panel, but it was Bryanboy's reaction that seems to have hit her harder. She noticed him shaking his head in disappointment when Leila was eliminated, and it pissed Yvonne off, too.

That's not the only thing bothering Yvonne though. She's tells a friend that the days are the longest she's ever experienced, and everything is "go go go" while the girls are treated like products and not people. Victoria thinks Yvonne is beginning to second-guess her decision.

For the challenge, the girls arrive at Culver Studios to meet Rob and Chrissy Tiegen, who appear to them inside a video game, and the models will be challenged to create similar characters for a game.  The girls are all really excited about the challenge, as they will be getting more physical and doing stunts to create their characters.

Laura feels that, with Leila gone, she's a front runner now, but she also knows how important this challenge is. The production team likes what she does with her shoot, so she's feeling great. Her friend Kristin, who is starting to realize that Laura may be her biggest competition, does well too, with the team calling her performance "amazing."

The team notes that Victoria did a great job acting, but didn't feel her physicality was great for the challenge. Brittany decides to bring her "sweet Disney self" to her performance, and the team thinks she does a great job embodying the character.

So who does the team choose as the challenge winner and the character to get a cameo in Uncharted 3? Laura! Brittany is starting to get frustrated, as she has never won a challenge.

After the announcement, Chrissy sticks around to talk to the contestants about the importance and impact of social media. I'm kind of surprised that they need to be told not to be fake and to be aware of how they're coming off to their fans, yet I guess I shouldn't be.

When they get back to the house and see their scores, several of the girls are not only surprised, but also frustrated. Laura is surprised to see that she was awarded a 9 - not a 10, which is typical for the challenge winner. Victoria is nervous because she only scored a 6 and was second from the bottom. Brittany is frustrated because she's trying so hard and feeling like people aren't noticing her for it.

"Trying hard" and "wanting it" have come up in this competition before by several of the girls, and it makes me side-eye the models every time. I mean, trying hard and wanting something don't automatically mean you get it. That's life. And just as Kristin once told us, sometimes it IS enough to just be pretty. No matter how hard you try. Life isn't fair.

Know what we haven't seen in a few weeks? Victoria freaking out on the phone to her mom. As the competition progresses, though, her emotion seems more appropriate, and she's really growing on me. Despite her quirks, or maybe because of them.

The photo shoot for this week is based on the theme "steampunk," mixing Victorian style with 1900's mechanics. The models are warned that they will be working with "a very temperamental costar" and the girls immediately start guessing what type of animal they'll meet. Kristin says she can handle anything except a monkey. Or, on second thought, she adds, "a bird. That would really creep me out."


At the shoot, Johnny arrives with - what else? - an owl on his arm. Kristin is not excited.

Laura, however, is thrilled to be going first, and every shot  gets oohs and aahs from Johnny and Bryanboy and everyone else. Meanwhile, Brittany decides to talk to Bryanboy about why he was shaking his head during panel. He reminds her about confidence, and she responds by talking - again - about being "Disney." As a complete Disney nerd myself, I understood her "brand" a few weeks ago, but I kind of wish she'd stop harping on it at this point. Regardless, Johnny thinks she came with fierceness to the shoot, and he feels confident for her this week.

When it's her turn to shoot with the owl, Kristin is definitely freaking out. She's afraid to move and can't even bring the bird closer to her for the shot. Yvonne gets irritated when Johnny suggests they try changing her skirt, but it's more than that - she seems to be getting impatient with modeling in general. When Bryanboy asked her about her attitude, she snaps at him - which is probably not the best thing to do with an audience on set.

With that drama addressed, Victoria brings another drama. And an entire backstory about a traveling animal show and an ex-boyfriend and....I'm not even sure what else because the story went on forever. And I know she's a bitch, but sometimes Kristin just outright makes me laugh with the way she can, with a completely straight face, give her opinion on someone. Like Victoria. Who she thinks could probably benefit from being less of a character and focusing a little more on real life...and being a model.

Several of the girls are nervous for the panel, particularly Victoria, Kristin, and Yvonne. To be honest, from what we saw, all three of them probably have reason to be nervous, so let's get to judgment.

Kiara: Kelly thinks her face looks stuck, but Rob likes her legs and Tyra thinks it's strong. Bryanboy reports that social media seems sick of Kiara, and one fan even thinks she looks like a man wearing makeup.
Judges Scores: 6 (Kelly) + 8 (Tyra) + 7 (Rob)

Victoria: Tyra thinks Victoria can do much better, but Kelly thinks her shot might be usable. Rob doesn't think it's her strongest performance either, and Bryanboy warns her that her social media scores are going down. Pleading to the fans, Victoria tells us, once again, that's she's trying SO hard and that she has variety in her.
Judges Scores: 8 (Kelly) + 7 (Tyra) + 6 (Rob)

Kristin: Kelly loves Kristin's face in her shot, but doesn't like anything else about it. Bryanboy tells her that her fans have started to decrease too. Rob thinks it's a little flat, and Tyra calls her body "wooden." Then she goes and scores her high for her strong face.
Judges Scores: 7 (Kelly) + 8 (Tyra) + 6 (Rob)

Nastasia: These judges have a tough time agreeing. Kelly doesn't really like anything about the photo that much, Rob thinks it's average, and Tyra thinks it's beautiful, though she does note that Nastasia looks short. Bryanboy tells her she's gaining momentum on social media.
Judges Scores: 7 (Kelly) + 9 (Tyra) + 5 (Rob)

Yvonne: Once again, Kelly and Rob are not impressed, believing Yvonne is capable of more. Bryanboy tells her that people loved her in the beginning, but over time, they're not loving her as much. Bryanboy does bring up her attitude on set, and Yvonne once again apologizes and explains what happened. Tyra appreciates that she apologized, but basically tells her that, as a model, she's hired to be professional.
Judges Scores: 5 (Kelly) + 6 (Tyra) +7 (Rob)

Allyssa: Rob calls Allyssa's face and body awkward, and I'm not sure if that's good or bad until Kelly says, "yeah, I that think this is one of your better silhouettes." Bryanboy tells her most of the fans find her average.
Judges Scores: 8 (Kelly) + 8 (Tyra) + 7 (Rob)

Brittany: Mixed reactions for Brittany, as Kelly thinks she looks ghostlike while Rob thinks it's an amazing shot. Tyra gives her the magic words, telling her it looks like a character from a "live action Disney movie." Bryanboy labels Brittany "this week's rising star."
Judges Scores: 6 (Kelly) + 10 (Tyra) + 9 (Rob)

Laura: As expected, Laura's photo gets rave reviews by all.  Rob calls her a sponge, absorbing all their advice. Tyra says her photo "crazy" - in a good way and Bryanboy says that everyone was wowed by her photo.
Judges Scores: 10 (Kelly) + 10 (Tyra) + 10 (Rob)

Is it any surprise that Laura is named Best Photo? She won the challenge and then had perfect 10s - just take the key and return to the Tyra Suite, Laura. The interesting thing will be who she invites to join her.

Who can she choose from? One by one, girls are declared safe for the week, until only Victoria and Yvonne remain, both of whom have been emotional about the competition. When the scores are revealed, Victoria's 31.7 edges out Yvonne's 30.5, and Yvonne is eliminated from the competition.

In her parting words, Yvonne recognizes that she was rude, but as she says, "Bryanboy isn't writing me any checks, and he was rude." She's still determined to do her best and whatever she can to return to the c

America's Next Top Model: College Edition airs on Fridays at 8/7c on the CW.

Watch here the Episode 6 Video

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