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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bakit walang Mercury Drugs store sa mga SM Malls?

Mr. Henry Sy, the owner of SM was 
a very ambitous man.
 He wanted to get rich more than 2 
decades ago. 
He tried many business to get 
enough income but failed. After trying so hard to make both
 ends meet; he finally have enough 
money to start a small business. 
It acrossed to his mind to build a 
small Shoe store.
 He thought that how could he get customers. 
An idea popped out.
 He noticed that Mercury drug which 
is big drug store and been to the
 business for many years has many
loyal customers coming to them. He approached the owner and asked 
if he can rent and place his small 
shoe store there even with a very
 small portion.
 He was not allowed and got 
embarrased even though he asked politely. He promised to himself... that ...
Mercury drug will never step in his
 life when he get rich. Now, Mr.Sy is the richest man in 
the Philippines because of his own 
will and determination.
 Now he never let a Mercury Drug 
Store do business in his malls like 
SM. Also he franchised a store Watson
 which is a drug store and that's the
 substitute for Mercury Drug.

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