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Saturday, September 15, 2012

IVC Immigrant Visa Center

Is going abroad too broad an issue? Does going overseas seem to be over your head? 

Welcome aboard. You are not alone. 

And this is the reason why the Immigrant Visa Center provides our Friends and the community updates on all types of visa, the various options for temporary or migration option. 

There is no "One size fits all" solution so in pursuit of our immigrant advocacy objective and as a public service, we ask our Friends to send us their complete, upd
ated resume (or CV, or biodata). We also ask them to include names and contact information about relatives overseas or abroad who are ready, willing and able to help them with their migration plans Of course, Friends should first seek the permission of relatives to share their information.

Every now and then, we offer a free assessment for specific visa option for specific country such as Assessment for Skilled Migration to Australia or Permanent Residency to Canada. We do request that you allow us at least a week to respond. Asking us to "immediately" answer is something we cannot and do not promise. What we do pledge to do is to provide you with a free, but valuable assessment of your ability to qualify or be eligible for that specific visa option.

Now - is going abroad for you?

Going abroad is indeed a broad issue. The specific issues that you must honestly and sincerely answer are the following:

1) Which country do you prefer? 
2) What type of visa are you applying for?
3) When do you intend to leave?
4) Have you traveled outside the Philippines before?
5) Do you have relatives or friends in your country of your intended migration?
6. Why do you want to apply for a specific visa to a specific country?
7) Have you prepared yourself to learn new things, accept the challenges of a foreigner in another country?
8) How do you expect to achieve your expectations?

Remember, picking a country and the specific visa for that country is like picking someone you will love and cherish and will be there for you in times of life - and debt.

Each of the five countries with permanent migration programs have their list of occupations they want, and need. Australia has the Consolidated Skilled Occupations List; Canada has the Priority Occupations as a short list and the list of occupations in the NOC (National Occupations Classification for the skill levels O, A, or B); New Zealand has the Essential Skills in Demand List; the UK has the Shortage Occupations List and the United States has the Schedule A list.

We always ask this question during our workshops, seminars and especially during a one-on-one visa counseling session: For example - "You want the US?" 

The question you must ask is "Does the US want you?" 

We help you find the appropriate answer by prequalifying you for the specific visa to a specific country. 

Have a nice weekend, or whatever's left of it. Hope you listen and watch us on DZRH on Wednesday, 2 to 3 pm on Hasta La Visa with Pangga Ruth Abao, Live! 

Share and Visit there IVC Immigrant Visa Center https://www.facebook.com/pages/IVC-Immigrant-Visa-Center/261788550506546 with your friends and family so that they too, could benefit from regular, competent, and official visas and migration updates.

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